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Frozen BC Spot prawns (1 lb tub)

Frozen BC Spot prawns (1 lb tub)

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Get ready to indulge in the succulent, sweet flavor of our Wild Spot Prawns! These prawns are sustainably harvested from the pristine waters of the Pacific Northwest, making them the ultimate gourmet seafood experience.

Our expert fishermen hand-select only the highest quality prawns to ensure that each one is firm, meaty and bursting with flavor. These spot prawns are truly a feast for the senses.

Whether grilled, sautéed, or boiled, these prawns are an excellent source of protein and essential nutrients. With their delicate, buttery texture and sweet, succulent flavor, they're sure to delight seafood lovers of all kinds.

Our Wild Spot Prawns are also versatile enough to be used in a wide variety of recipes, from pasta dishes, salads to grilled skewers. And with their stunning visual appeal, they're sure to impress your guests at your next dinner party or special event.

So why settle for less when you can have the ultimate seafood experience with our Wild Spot Prawns? Order yours today and taste the difference!

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